What’s in it for You?


Tons/Year 250,000
Dry-End Cost per Ton $200
Dry-End Cost Reduction (%) 0.8%
Dry-End Cost Reduction ($) $1.60
Transportation & Wrapping Costs per Ton; $80
Transportation & Wrapping Cost Reduction (%) 1%
Transportation & Wrapping Cost Reduction ($) $0.80
Cost Per Ton Reduction $2.40
Total Profits Per Year $600,000
  • The dry-end cost per ton is what it costs to reprocess the good paper that goes back to the pulper. Your gains will be much higher if you calculate the marginal profit.
  • Your transportation and wrapping costs will decrease because your roll diameters will be more precise and more consistent. Each shipment will contain more tons of paper and fewer rolls per ton.
  • Other indirect financial benefits include:
    • Higher productivity with reduced production bottlenecks
    • Higher customer satisfaction

The JumboMaster® can save your mill a lot of money. That’s because we have one of the fastest paybacks on the market today. For example, if your mill produces about 250,000 tons a year, you can expect this system to pay for itself in about 5 months. Your annual return on investment? $600,000.

It’s that simple. It’s guaranteed.