Who Benefits?

How will the JumboMaster® cut dry-end costs at your mill? This isn’t a one-stop solution. Our system will make life easier for almost everyone in the mill; from the floor operator to management to the pressroom. Here’s what we mean:

Our high-performance tools precisely predict jumbo roll size, every time.
No more guessing. Our system does the complex calculations.
We account for factors such as losses, paper grades and paper compression.
Reduce overruns and underruns by getting a complete picture of the production floor.
Our real-time trending of KPIs makes your operators perform better and faster.
Get consistent and precise turn-ups with our turn-up trigger and countdown signals.
Manage complete or partial jumbo rolls at the winder with our Roll Set Estimator tool.
Stop or slow down precisely on defects.
Fast data mining with instant results.
Save time and money troubleshooting using our powerful trend change correlation system.
We warn you immediately about abnormal trend changes and variables.
Benchmark production data to identify problems and solve them right away.
All dry-end information is integrated in our analysis with free links to other systems.
Includes all drives (analog or digital), DCS, QCS, defect detectors, mill-wide, SAP, lab systems and wrapping line.
Reduce your bottlenecks with our expert productivity tools.
Stay ahead of your objectives.
Evaluate your teams’ performances to see if more training is needed at the dry end.
Quarterly reports give you complete information about your dry-end operations.
You can finally trust your production floor information for better management. Our automated tracking system provides precise, detailed and reliable information without operator intervention.
Reduce customer waste with bigger and fewer rolls.
Reduce roll damage with more precise and consistent roll diameters.
Use TAPPI roll numbers to track roll quality.
Improve your rating and reputation with your customers.